Spectra-Guard® NS-2




Creates High AOS Surface Folding Cartons
Post Printing Anti-Skid

  • Spectra-Guard® NS-2 is an aqueous based non-skid coating. This performance coating is an excellent choice for boxes requiring slide control as they are being handled in standard manufacturing environments. Type of AOS can be controlled by coat weight and substrate choice.
  • Spectra-Guard® NS-2 can be glued with cold-set adhesives or hot-melt adhesives. Spectra-Kote® can provide you with a detailed list of qualified adhesives.
    Spectra-Guard® NS-2 is overprintable using Flexographic presses. It is recommended that all inks be reviewed for suitability of ink coverage.
  • Spectra-Guard® NS-2 is suitable for application with gravure, roll and rod coaters with in-line or off-line coating environments.
  • Coating Type Silica
    Color Liquid / Dry :: Opaque / Clear
    pH 8.5 — 9.5
    Viscosity #2 Zahn (sec) 13.0 — 20.0
    Repulpability Yes
    Typical AOS @ 2.0#/MSF 35 — 40
    Freeze / Thaw Stable
    The above properties are typical values and should not be interpreted
    as product specifications.

  • Spectra-Guard® NS-2 water-based formulation is specially designed for simple handling. This non-hazardous odorless coating can be washed clean from machinery with soap and water. The coating is compatible with standard industry water-based cleansers. If the coating comes in contact with the skin, simply rinse with water.