Spectra-Guard® 3012

Multi-functional Water and Grease Barrier



Water, Oil, & Grease Resistant Single/Multi-Wall Bags
High Gloss Folding Cartons

  • Spectra-Guard® 3012 is an aqueous based multi-functional barrier designed to handle grease and/or moisture rich package environs. The unique barrier provides variable AOS profiles and excellent gloss.
  • Spectra-Guard® 3012 can be glued with cold-set adhesives or hot-melt adhesives. Spectra-Kote® can provide you with a detailed list of qualified adhesives.

    Spectra-Guard® 3012 is over-printable using Flexographic presses. It is recommended that all inks be reviewed for suitability of ink coverage characteristics prior to production to ensure optimum printing results.

  • Spectra-Guard® 3012 is suitable for application with rod, roll, blade, and flexo equipment. It can also be formulated for application with select curtain and air-knife coaters.
  • Coating Type Proprietary Polymer
    Color Liquid / Dry :: Opaque / Clear
    pH 8.5 — 9.5
    Viscosity #2 Zahn (sec) 30.0 — 50.0
    Repulpability Yes
    FDA Compliant* Yes
    Freeze / Thaw Stable
    *For complete compliance information please contact Spectra-Kote®. The above
    properties are typical values and should not be interpreted as product specifications.

  • Spectra-Guard® 3012 water-based formulation is specially designed for simple handling. This non-hazardous coating can be washed clean from machinery with soap and water. The coating is compatible with standard industry water-based cleansers. If the coating comes in contact with the skin, simply rinse with water.