Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR

Abrasion Resistance



Water Resistance Abrasion Sensitive Packaging
Abrasion Resistance Freezer Environments

  • Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR aqueous based formulation provides excellent abrasion resistance and release properties. The enhanced paper is an economically viable alternative to polyethylene when recycling is an issue.
    Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR can be diluted with water to obtain desired viscosity for standard industry equipment. Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR is a cost effective barrier solution for a broad range of packaging systems.
  • Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR can be glued with cold-set adhesives or hot-melt adhesives. Spectra-Kote® can provide you with a detailed list of adhesives best suited for use with this coating.
    Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR is overprintable using Flexographic presses. No primer is required before applying the ink. It is recommended that all inks be reviewed for suitability of ink coverage characteristics prior to production to ensure optimum printing results.
  • Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR has been designed for application with a Rod Coater. The coating can also be applied using industry standard air-knifes, gravure or flexo presses, and roll coaters with in-line or off-line production environments. Spectra-Kote® also offers precoated liners to help eliminate downtime associated with coating in-line at the corrugator.
  • Coating Type Proprietary Polymer
    Color Liquid / Dry :: Opaque / Clear
    pH 8.0 — 9.0
    Viscosity #2 Zahn (sec) 14.0 — 20.0
    Repulpability Yes
    FDA Compliant* Yes
    Freeze / Thaw Stable
    *For complete compliance information please contact Spectra-Kote®. The above
    properties are typical values and should not be interpreted as product specifications.

  • Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR water-based formulation is specially designed for simple handling. This non-hazardous odorless coating can be washed clean from machinery with soap and water. The coating is compatible with standard industry water-based cleansers. If the coating comes in contact with the skin, simply rinse with water.
  • Spectra-Guard® 3001-AR